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Final Day Adventures

 From Beautiful Tela's beaches - to chaos! 

Our final day began with beautiful sunrise over the Carribean Sea, an early morning swim for some, a beautiful veiw while we ate breakfast, and then a quick packing of the bus.  We said goodbye to some lovely people and the wonderful ocean.

We then hit the road to San Pedro airport.  Usually about a 1 hour drive.  Then we ran into a political protest.  Protestors had blocked a key bridge on the road and no one was going to get through.  Help.  Our plane was leaving at 1 pm.  Some helpful Hondurans told us there was a road that would bypass the bridge so we gave it a try!!

What an adventure that was.  The bus driver had no idea where he was going, and we kept asking people if we were headed in the right direction.  The road even went through a local river!

Through one small town the main road was covered in water, until we realized it wasn't water but sewage.  A reminder of the tremendous dicotomy of rich and very poor living in the beautiful country of Honduras.

The only casulty of our little detour was the Bettney's rented pickup.  It just made it to the airport and then died.  So thankful to the people of Westney who supported us in prayer and financially, we felt Gods power and guidance all along the way.

Then we loaded onto our plane and headed to Miami.  Very sad to say goodbye to Honduras.  Such a contrast of wonderful people and yet some real violence, and beautiful countryside but terrible poverty.

Our transit through Miami was like a trip on the Amazing Race.  Trying to keep a large group of teens together and at our next boarding gate is a very stressful undertaking.  But we made it.  And even though we were promised our luggage would be put on our plane . . . it wasn't!  It took a few days but we all got it in the end.  Then we saw the lights of Toronto and our trip was over.

Thank you Westney!!  For all your support and prayers.  We knew we had God's help all along the way and we can testify that God is Good!

Beautiful Tela and the beach.

 A well deserved rest! 

From Siguateqeque we traveled about 3 1/2 hours to the beach town of Tela.  We went from the highlands of central Honduras down to the coast, and the heat was a shock!  We were very thankful that we did not have to work all trip in those conditions!

We met some very interesting people, some played soccer on the beach with some local youth, and relaxed for a day in a very beautiful part of the world!

Then on our last night in Honduras we had a wonderful meal on the beach.  Seafood soup, with a whole crab and fish head, plus all sorts of "other" wonders!  There was whole fish meal and then hamburgers and chicken fingers for the less adventurous.

We had a wonderful rest and Dave and Esther were so helpful in making this whole trip happen.  We ended the night giving them a thankyou card (at least we think it was a thankyou card as it was in Spanish :)


After the Work!

 Wonderful time in Tela - beautiful people - beautiful beaches 

Friday night we had a party!  We gathered with our Honduran team and built a camp fire on the bricks out side the Commodore.  A great way to say good bye and exchange gifts.  We really appreciated the team of translators, who bailed us out SOOOO many times with Spanish.  We also made great friends and I'm sure facebook will be busy as we connect across the Gulf of Mexico!

Saturday came and we spent the morning cleaning up the school and our work project areas. 

The Caseta, a huge project, started before we came with concrete pad and posts, then steel roof beams. We began the wood section and worked all week.  Still some to do, but the school was very excited about their new addition to their campus!  Thanks to all the youth and leaders, they work very hard in the heat. Sometimes doing things they didn't enjoy, but there was not a day they did not show up and work very hard!

We completed all the mural painting. We worked on three areas of the Kinder area of the school.  Painting with oil paint in the heat was very difficult, be we got it done. We also painted the outside wall of the school.  Very hot and dusty in the Honduras afternoon sun!

So many other jobs were done around the school. Working in the Library was a big help to Esther as she gets ready for the school year, and putting a weather proof stain and fixing the jungle gym.  All great jobs done in the heat of Honduras.  Thank you team!!

Good Morning from Honduras

 Lots of rain last night has led to a beautiful day in Honduras 

This is the scene that greeted us today.  God sent a beautiful rainbow after a night of really hard rain. The veiw from our balcony of the school rooms that we are sleeping in at 5:15 this morning was stunningly bright and beautiful.  It is so encouraging to feel refreshed and energized after feeling so tired last night.  God is good and is providing the strength that we need to finish well.  Our last day of VBS and work! Please keep praying.

Oil paint disaster!


Painting with paint from Honduras is disasterous!  As for me, I got it all over my shirt, a little on my shorts, and all over my body.  The only way I could figure out how to take it off was to use watered down paint thinner.  And that still didn't take it all off!  It is frustrating, but the things we made totes made up for it.  We painted the seven days of creation on the walls of the kindergarden area, and we painted Jonah and the big whale scene.  And we painted the Lord is my Shepherd and lots of little sheep.  And we also painted the roof of the jungle gym so that when school starts kids can come out of the new casetta we are building for their lunchroom and play (with a fresh roof) until school starts up again.  We also repainted the letters outside the wall of the school.  I am now going to be coming home with oil painted clothes because they don't wash out!  Even though this paint doesn't come out, it was a lot of fun painting.

Good Times In Honduras Part 2: Puzzles with Missing Pieces


So it's the one week point of the Honduras missions trip and we are running a VBS and we are tired, some are ready to go, some aren't ready. Problems have arose and solved. Sports camp is running very smoothy. I hung around the children before and after VBS and I've adopted a "copy-cat" today by accident (much to my shirgrin) and we bonded a tiny bit, I hope to see that kid again to we can talk more.

We were in Balibrae to deliver stoves and I discover how they live with so little and it's maddening. They live in mud, clay, and some parents are very young or just aren't there.

My library work continues as I label and shelve books, and now I'm organizing the games and figuring out what's useless. We get the occasional "USELESS!!!!!" from Esther or myself when we find something we don't need. I attempted to solve SEVEN PUZZLES and finished ONE, THREE had pieces missing and I have TWO in progress, and THREE puzzles have too many pieces.

This is likely to be my final part of the blog, so special call out to WHYouth group, Bob, Warren, the Bettneys and the CEE volunteers who helped us in the past week.

Work - Work - Work

 Trying hard to get all the jobs done! 

We have come to the end of day 4 of VBS and we realize that we only have 1 full day of work left!  Help.  We have lots to do tomorrow!

Some of our Honduran CEE team members.  A great group of teens who we are getting used to each other and becoming friends. We are learning things from them and they are learning things from our teens.

Tonight we got to go and visit our missionary host, Dave and Esther Bettney, at their home.  Very typical of a Honduran home, with a wall around barbed wire all around the top.  

Very different from Canada, but once you get inside, it feels like a little oasis!

On our walk home we stopped for a picture outside the school sign. 

Please pray for strength and health.  We have one day left to work. Time is flying by.  The team is working very well together so please continue to pray for unity in our group.  


Hi mom, it's me!

 KT !! 

hey mommmyyy!!!

I miss youu!!! I cant beleive i didn't see your pretty face at the skype call, can't you just love me hahaha!;)


This has literally been the best trip of my life so far! I cant believe that tomorrow is our last day at the school! I have learnt so many new things on this trip and got to experience sooo many cool things so far! I went out for dinner with a local family last night and they treated myself and cora to a yummy meal and then took us downtown to walk around and get ice cream! Today I visted Balibrea which is the part with lots of poverty. Abigal,Cassie,Gloria,Caleb,Cameron and myself got to bring them water filters and stoves! It was soo eye opening its crazy. We legit walked down like a 90 degree hill and and I could for sure feel my legs burning. Oh I have yet to cry here holding strong. I was not feeling the greatest the other day but I advil, a nap and lots of water made me feel so much better! I love it here so much !!!!!!!


I will share lots when I get home! This picture of the little girls and myself is from Balibrea when we ran the VBS there, the little girl on my lap I fed her lunch with my fingers and chilled with her all day she was the cutest. I don't even know where to go with the stuff I have done !





I have helped paint the walls in the kindergarden area and will show you pictures of it, Yesterday I helped with the caseta and today I broke up bricks to extend the soccer field.



Today when we went to Balibrea we got to ride on the back of the pastors truck and we all had so much fun doing it !!




Tonight when we got the chance to visit Dave and Esthers house which is around the corner from the school so we walked over and snapped a group picture of all of us infront of the school after !



Anyways heres some pictures of me! I will see you soon enough and make sure you please get me a tea and bring my phone fully charged!!




KT :)

Another great day in Honduras

 VBS is going great and lots of hot hot work. 

We began day 4 of VBS with a beautiful blue sky.  Which meant it was going to be another hot day. :(  All the team worked hard and we made it to lunch.  Thank you for praying for us, we had the strength to continue the job, even after feeling tired after getting to the end of the middle of the week.  The youth have a huge job and responsibility.  They are the adults in charge of these kids.  We have 100 kids and the bulk of the work falls on our team.  So please keep praying.  And then we begin work after that.


Then lots of hard work!!!!!

Honduras 2015 : Day 6 K.A.L ;p

 Kaitlyn - Abigail - Lydia 

Hey fans!!!!

Most of you probably know what went on today if you showed up to the video call, but we'll fill you in on what goes on in the now.

Elijah has a fever kind of hovering around 100 right now, and Kaitlyn is playing doctor in the back room with him holding a wet cloth to his forehead.  

Grace decided to stay over tonight with the girls for a sleepover and so Abigail is probably trying to get her to stop talking right now because it is WAAAY past her bed time.  

VBS today was really hot, again. Things went pretty normally.  We're noticing that kids here come to the camp and don't tend to pay attention, and we realized that it is probably because it's not safe for them to casually just take a walk to their friend's house around the block when they're bored. They finally recieved the opportunity to see their friends and talk to them for a whole week and they took it.  We're trying to figure out just how much slack to cut them when  they don't pay attention to activities. 

Work projects went on today and Lydia, Kierra and Abigail all took turns between pick axing and shoveling the drive way and taking care of Zach and Grace.

Cameron gets a name drop every night now even though nothing worth mentioning happens with him.

The food is still good, weather is still hot, sun is still beating.

Seeing you all today on the video call was nice, we can't wait to see you in person.

Thank you for reading our longs blogs, and goodnight.


We know u luv us,



We went to Balibrea today

 It was amazing and eye-opening 

I basically just cried most of the time and carried concrete stoves with Selah. And we only carried one but thats okay. Alexia was just a little pansie the whole time but that's okay because we still love her.


Shoutout to Cameron J. Rose


And Chris' lack of sunscreen re-application


Love Beccah xoxo


 A heartbreaking situation. 

Today our group went to Balibrea.  We were all overcome with emotion as we delivered our stoves and used clothing to two needy families.  One family we met was basically a child headed family with a 12 year old girl being responsible for her 3 other siblings for the majority of the day.  They may also be homeless in the near future, so please pray for them!!  We all appreciate our homes and creature comforts a lot more as we realize how lucky we are to live in Canada.  

We also got to ride in the back of a pickup truck and it was fun.

ps. Beccah cried the most out of everyone.

- Cora, Gloria, Alexia, Selah, Rebeccah


VBS has begun!


Today was day 2 of VBS Everest.  We had almost 100 children show up today and they begin to show up at 7 am!  We register the children and give them a colour tshirt depending on their age. It is great to see a rainbow of kids running around - and it really helps to keep track of all the kids when you can look for someone in a bright orange shirt. The kids here can be quite wild, especially some of the boys!

Our team colours!

Please pray for the youth as they work with these children.  The days are really hot and we are not used to the conditions.  So far we are mostly well, but the usual issues are starting to show up.  After a full morning of running around after the kids, we have lunch and then we begin the work!  All the youth are working hard!  We are painting, building, delivering stoves and water purifiers, breaking rocks for a better football field. Many others as well.

We are all looking forward to our skype call tonight!

Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep praying for strength and health and safety issues.

Our day in Balibrea


Today was our first day of the CEE VBS that we came to run.  The kids started arriving as early as 7am!  Many of them played on the jungle gym, the trampoline, and soccer on the field.  

After VBS was done for the morning, we went onto Lunch and then work projects.  

Our team of Eli and Dauna, Keira, Lydia, and Dayna went to Balibrea to drop off stoves and water filter systems with Pastor Noel.  Melody volunteered to translate for us.  We are thankful for all our translators.

We entered the home of a boy named Jonathan and his little brother Nelson.  His mother seemed so appreciative for the stove and the filter.  Behind them in this picture is all the drinking water they had in their house at the time and they had to walk a long way to fill up the bottles with clean water.  

Then we went to get the second house.  This was the home of a single mom named Maria.  She worked in a restaurant washing dishes and leaves the house from 5:30 and comes home at 6:30.  She built her house herself (with the kids) and it has been 7 years she's been working on it.  It is almost finished.  Her daughters are 7, 16, and 17 and her son is 10.  She could not stop thanking us for the stove and the water filter.   

I have to be short...these pictures took really long to upload and KAL needs to blog before bed...

~Dauna for Keira, Lydia, Dayna, Ema and Eli and Dauna


 Very Important 

I got my cake today. That is all. 


Shoutout to Quinny Mills


Also Andrew for tech support


Love Beccah xoxo





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